Welcome to my notes! Visit the sites at the bottom to learn about the philosophy behind them. This page is part of my workflow as depicted in The Siphon.

Thinking about:

  • Purpose: How can we best reach our raisons d'ĂȘtre?
  • Social Relations: How might we better understand each other and our motivations?
  • Productivity, Content Curation & Consumption (CCC): Why do we consume the content we do? If it's to be entertained or to learn, how might we do so optimally? How can we balance information overload and having limited time? My answer is The Siphon.
  • Second Brain: How can we offload things our minds are bad at (memorization, search & retrieval)? Are graph-based notes in a BFS/DFS layout (inspired by Andy Matsuchak) a good solution? What if we consumed news, research, and general learning in this way as well?
  • Security: Why is trust bad?


Improving at:

Referring to references.

This webpage is inspired by Azlen Elza, Andy Matuschak and forked from Aravind Balla.

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