Content Curation and Consumption

Why do we consume the content we do?

This is still an open problem for me. Thus far, I've identified that I enjoy various mediums: reading, video, music, informational audio. An ideal answer here would be a list of categories, an intent behind why I care about each category, and a way for me to find high quality content to best fulfill the intent.

For example, one category might be comics, read with the intent to let me relax and laugh, so high quality content might come from the Far Side or Calvin & Hobbes.


I read to be entertained for short periods of time (short stories and r/AITA; <20 minutes), to learn about the world (longform reports, articles, and books), and to stay up to date about my hobbies (news posts about ski resorts or artists).


I enjoy watching Youtube for hobbies (biking, snowboarding), entertainment (short films, dance, MVs), and education (Kursesagt, Ray Dalio). Netflix is also helpful for entertainment and education.

How can we improve the quality of our inputs?


The web is a wide, wide place. Visiting only a handful of websites feels unrepresentative of the world's information. Currently, I subscribe to many different rss feeds with feedly and am considering paying for membership to allow for IFTTT integration. This would let me use mobile swipe to "Read Later", then sync these marked articles to Pocket. Pocket has a superior "reading view" and allows me to publish rss feeds of what I consume, which is helpful for analysis.

In Feedly, I've separated inputs into categories: Hobbies, Longform, and Other (most popular from all over the web).

Feedly vs Pocket

How can we consume content healthily and efficiently?

If the intent of consumption is learning, then spaced repetition via annotations are incredibly helpful.

Biphasal Consumption: Sift then Read

Intermittent Fasting: Consume in set periods of time

Converting to Knowledge

How can we take these inputs and truly learn/understand them, as well as keep them for useful storage in this second brain? What's a good workflow for advancing generally jotted notes to publicly presentable, useful content?


We can present the content we consume as an RSS feed with Pocket. Alternatively Twitter RSS feeds of quick notes seem to also work.

How might the UNIX philosophy play in?