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Marketing Learnings

  • Do your marketing in bursts. You want this flurry of increased interactions with your page to interact with each other and push the algorithm into showing your content.
  • You can identify if you're shadowbanned by following someone, then refreshing and checking if that follow went through.
  • Every good buffer system (queue up future posts) costs money.
  • People love content with massive text on it (because they don't want to read the captions).
  • Find people whose profiles show they're interested in growing a following and have high likelihood of following back.

Personal Learnings

  • I don't really care about marketing, but I really enjoy finding cool facts about the world. I use the Siphon to search for these facts. Relevant: Hosting Trivia
  • Efficient work should be async unless it qualifies as fun work -- then it should be synchronous.

Referred in

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