Finding Friends

Moving to a new city can be incredibly daunting! The culture's different, you have no friends, and possibly no job. What do you do?

Obviously, the first question is how to meet people in the first place. If you're an introvert, diving into your hobbies and allowing for variation may be helpful (join a local club). Most large cities have sports social clubs, your employer might host cultural groups and events, and volunteering is always a good way to meet kind people.

Another interesting, but far more involved way is to pick personal projects that involve engaging with others. Different projects will necessitate interacting with different people, and (at least from personal experience), people are more willing to invest in you if you have a strong direction that makes you interesting.

Personally, I've met people by living with randoms, joining sports clubs, taking language courses, reaching out to friends of friends, talking to people in coffee shops, signing up for interesting events (comedy club, morning dances on a boat, trivia).

The goal of your first interaction is to meet people who might like you. Realistically, you should be less picky starting off and optimize on compatibility later. Express your intent in seeing them again or, at minimum, find out what they might enjoy and exchange contact information so you can suggest ideas that they might be interested in.

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