A laundrette is really just a laundromat, except it sounds more feminine.

I used to have a fairly bad laundry machine. It'd overload, overflow with water, stop in the middle of the night, or never stop itself and eventually overheat.

Simultaneously, I hate folding my clothes, so instead bought 8 laundry hampers to be used in 4 categories. The categories are shorts & socks, t-shirts, pants & long sleeves. As I take off each article of clothing, it goes in the corresponding bin (e.g. Dirty Shorts goes in the 1st box).

Then after I wash a category, I simply dump it all to the clean pile and grab from there regularly.

Over time, these fill up to the point that a single laundry bag would be sufficient for the entirety of the load, so hopefully having more people and support can't help!

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