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When I first moved in, I planned on sleeping in the living room, on a couch or futon. I made it two days -- I was constantly fatigued despite feeling like I had slept well. Who knew my estimations would be so far off.


While picking up a toaster from a couple of friends, we found out they lay buttons all over their house to track analytics on when they do things -- make the bed, eat, sleep, etc. We ended up talking for several hours more than initially planned about random startup ideas and phases the ideas would have to pass through to grow. It's hard to think of a more "SF Tech" set of topics.


While biking with a friend, I explained that Andrew had recently given me his sourdough starter, and noted that I was glad it'd be like a lowkey pet. She posited the opposite -- that actually, it can take far more effort and time than any cat or dog. She went on to explain the types of temperatures her sourdough happy, the recipes she'd created, and the extensive experimentative adventure they'd been on.


Today Cat and I drove to pick up a coffee table from someone selling on Marketplace. When we got there, he explained that after 16 years, he was finally moving back to Sydney, Australia and promptly offered letting us pick up whatever we liked from his place. He showed us this mold he had made of a daft punk helmet as well as a chair he created with only 17th century tools -- no saws or nails.

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