Basic Routine

Wash your face in the morning and night. Wear sunblock.

Less Basic Routine

Part 1: Prepping things/cleaning your face Part 2: Things are good for your face, and therefore "positive"

Part 1

  • Oil Cleanser cleans out pores
  • Water cleanser washes off oil and general dirt
  • Toner closes your pores again to prep them
  • Essence is strong toner for areas where you have problems (redness/wrinkles)

Part 2

  • Serums are customizable for detailed problems
  • Eye cream makes your skin softer like a baby
  • Moisturizer replentishes everything you've washed off
  • Optional periodic further moisturizers (facemasks)

Wear sunblock every day.

Not Basic Routine

Check out r/skincareaddiction.