Important Resources

Resources for when I'm Better

Tricks I'm Working On

Travel Tips

  • Use southwest. They have the best boot/bag policy (it counts as carry-on).


Boot Care

  • Dry your boots asap. Take out the liners.
  • For off-season, lace them up so they don't lose pressure. Store in room temp.

Board Care

  • Wax
  • Inspecting an Edge
  • Tuning Edges
  • Store at room temp. To be pedantic, put sideways + on cushion so you don't stress an edge or ruin the camber. Clean and leave on thick wax to preserve moisture. Scrape off the wax when the season comes.

Other Gear

  • Dry goggles
  • Soft wash/air dry clothes


  • Board: Burton Rewind 149 (DPS Phantom), Jones Mind Expander Women's 150 (DPS Phantom), Burton Dragon 152
  • Bindings: Burton Step On (Men's small bindings, size 8), Flow
  • Shoes: Photon (8), Burton Double Boa (9). Mondopoint 25; 1cm variation in standing/sitting
  • Goggles: Zionor X Magnetic
  • Helmet: Smith Vantage
  • Bag: Burton Wheelie Board Case Board Bag Bona Flora Print
  • Clothes: Oneskee

General Board Information

Specs I've Locked Down

  • Length: 148-149, possibly 147/150?
  • Stiffness: Stiffer (more aggressive), unless park.
  • Stance Width: 20-21 in
  • Adjustments: 20 or 21 center to center, -9/9, 0/15.

Boards Recommended for Me

  • Rider's Choice Gnu (magnatraction; asymmetric; stiff flex)

Previously Tried:

Burton Women's Rewind 149

  • Pretty good ride
  • Awesome flex, good for jumps/butters
  • Reasonably stable at speed
  • Good graphic

Burton Custom Flying V 150

  • Terrible ride. Kept shifting me over to deeper toeside. Bad stability at speed; hard to force an edge into the snow.

Burton Killroy Twin 148

  • Pretty good ride/length/flex
  • Stable at speed on ice
  • Tried with Burton Step Ons (lots of toe pain with 7.5, better with 8)
  • Graphic looks eh

Lib Technologies Cold Brew 149 (2020?)

  • Has magnatraction
  • Reasonably capable of floating in powder (7, assuming Mind Expander is a 9).
  • Caught much more edges, though this may be because I'm used to the Mind Expander.
  • Reasonable for moguls/trees. Not great, but doable. (Slightly shorter would probably be better)
  • Medium to high stiffness.
  • Big snow day with low visibility, so hard to try at speed.

Jones Mind Expander 149 green (Womens)

  • Used at 20 center to center, -5, 15
  • Powder board with short effective edge
  • Soft flex until back foot, then super stiff
  • Easy to float. Directional, sits closer to the back.
  • I felt I could reasonably carve, but it was really easy to turn.
  • Would over-turn at high speeds unless I forced it to an edge.
  • Powder House recommended a board that would be carve in more with higher flex for higher speed.
  • Lots of hard snow this day, but technically this is my top speed board as of 1/29/2020 (48mph)

Burton Process Flying V 148

  • Pretty good for riding fast.
  • Good jumps, easy carves
  • Started to jitter at high speeds
  • Soft flex
  • Used at 20 in center to center, -12+12
  • Flying V is Hybrid Rocker.

Burton Deja Vu Flying V 141

  • Extremely easy turns, but hard to stop/control.
  • Serious flex
  • Too short for me

Burton Dragon 152

  • Good for speed
  • Hard to flex/do tricks (9 on stiffness scale)
  • Hard to carve on steeps.
  • Faster edge to edge and faster turns due to camber + narrow sidecuts
  • Too long for me

General Board Info:

  • Gnu has a cool feature called "magnatraction" (patented), which is a bunch of waves down the side of the board that make it better for icy conditions.
  • Women's boards are typically narrower and have more flex. My boots are slightly wide, so that makes using it difficult.
  • The Profile is the side view when you look down the side from the top.
  • Burton is bad at the mix of camber/rocker edges, hence the "flying v" and such. GNU and one more brand (Lib Technologies?) are better for this.

Useful Other Resources

Tahoe Info

Bus Comparison

  • SB has later pickup and arrives later. Usually after lifts are already running.
  • SB has a bus per stop (no stops in between).
  • SB is more likely to cancel due to bad weather. TST goes to many resorts.
  • SB has good customer service.
  • SB good for loading gear up; they do it for you.


Good Places to Buy Boards

  • Evo
  • The House
  • Backcountry
  • Note: Some stores have exclusive boards, so it's hard to find retail. (Powder House ones should be findable online)

Sport's Basement

  • Restock once a year in fall
  • Unbeatable return policy -- return even if used up to a year. Boot molding counts as "acceptable use".
  • Boot work (repairs, etc) 80/h
  • Starting near March, EVERYTHING for snow goes to 50%!


  • Restock continuously
  • Pretty good return policy -- return even if used, but boot molding not included.

Powder House

  • Super cheap; highly recommend if at Heavenly
  • Helpful people: Cory (Gondola)
  • Helpful people: Nigel (green button) -- manager (Zalanta)
  • Partnered with Tahoe Dave in North (you can return there)

Burton Northstar

  • Nice people to help you get set up, but personally I didn't like the manager very much. Found him rude and presumptuous.

Riding Tips:

  • Put the front strap around the front toe (instead of ontop)
    • Doesn't cut blood flow to toes
    • Presses your foot into the binding
    • Better for flipping onto heel edge

Gear Tips:

  • Stiff + long boards are bad, but I could probably ride a 151 stiff with more effective edge.
  • Factory recommendation for distance between feet is "shoulder width", but 21 inches for men and 20 for women
  • Boots wear in around 4 times from the heat of your foot. You can also ask shops to custom heat them for you.
  • Today, you basically need an "entire arsenal".


  • People carry 2-3 pairs of goggles, one for each type of light.
  • Don't let them get scratched.
  • Some goggles have squeegees for goggles. Keep the inside of the goggles sealed; this helps the antifog.
  • Some are even supposed to get you more light than you could get without goggles (Oakley high intensity yellow).
  • High VLT (40-80) for lowlight. Low VLT (~10) for highlight.
  • Wear goggles inside your goggles to keep them airtight.


  • Heat mold them to wear them in faster.
  • Toes should line the front as you stand (your foot spreads).
  • Mondopoint = cm


  • Insta 360 One R